Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Live from the set

If you ever do a tv show and they give you a schedule to follow, take it and throw it in the trash. The schedule is bound to change 15 times within a 1 hour period. I'm hanging here with Dizzy Pig, the Guru Guys, The green egg people, Mike from backwoods, Fast Eddy is within view, Jack McDavid, Some folks from the buttrub team.

Our latest schedule puts us on stage at 7:00pm tonight doing the practice shoot. Supposedly there are 18 camera crews here to shoot the show and I'm told that's more cameras than they use at the Superbowl.

Well back to hanging out and cooking up some butts and ribs for the crew.


Anonymous said...

I feel like I am there, I can almost smell the smoke. I also enjoy reading the posts and find myself checking several times a day to see if there has been a new one.Please keep them coming and I wish you good luck.

2fat said...

great storyline Steve!! just 'member my rib tips
--see ya in KC