Thursday, August 31, 2006

The end of a long day

Well we ended up not being in the practice cook which was actually a good thing. We got to watch the whole thing from the sidelines and I think it was a good way to see it from the audiences perspective as well as the judges perspective. I think this years judges are going to be a real fun group of people. They seemed to interact well together as well as with the teams cooking in the contest. It's gonna be way different from last year and I think it will be enjoyable to watch.

It's interesting to see how the cooks and the tv crew react. Individual personalities become very apparent in situations where everything doesn't run completely smooth. Some people go with the flow and others tend to blow up at people that don't have anything to do with the problems they are experiencing. We all know that championship bbq cooks are pretty much type A personalities.

It's late good night


Rich Decker said...

Steve this is awesome. I really enjoy reading about your adventures, thanks for posting. Good luck and tell your boy's I'm rooting for them.

Anonymous said...

Steve, thanks for the running commentary. We're all jealous here - not only will you be basking in the sun while most of us will be trying to keep dry from the torrential rain courtesy of Ernesto, but more importantly you will be rubbing elbows with the greatest names in BBQ today (and they with you) and getting to have fun, work hard and smokin' BBQ. Best of luck from all of us. Please pass on our wishes to the rest of the team.

The real Doug