Friday, August 25, 2006

The Arrival

We pulled into New Holland around 11:30 a little behind schedule. Driving over to our site we run into the famous or is that infamous Woodoggies. You couldn't ask for a warmer welcome when arriving anywhere here in these United States. A handshake or a quick manly hug just isn't enough for John. He had to plant two sloppy kisses one on each cheek. Ah well it's nice to know your among friends.

The Park is packed this year, they have teams all the way down to the end of the block. Yet it still feels roomy and inviting. Mel was quick to greet us, show us our spot and get the meat inspected. I've already had visits from the Hawgshead team, Crispy Critters, Vinny from the BBQ Brethren and members of the Dizzy Pig team who came with Tequila in hand.

Time to trim the meat. I'll start with brisket. I like to trim allot of fat from my briskets so I have some work to do.

Check back for an update later today.

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Backyard Chef said...

Awesome stuff, Steve! Good luck this weekend-- and the rest of the trip. I'm rooting for ya.

I'll be picking up my meadow creek in a few weeks-- can't wait.

Matt in NYC