Thursday, September 13, 2007

Uneventful flight

Other than a crying kid the trip was uneventful. No delays and no turbulance. I actually landed 5 minutes early and when I got down to the baggage claim area my bag was there waiting for me. I walked outside, gave Charlie a ring on the cellphone and heard a horn and saw flashing lights. Jumped in the truck and 14 minutes later we pulled into the Marriot parking lot with the help of our trusty Garmin GPS. I don't know how we ever got around without the GPS it just makes things so easy and enjoyable.

I'm gonna hit the sack and get a good nights sleep so we can be on top of our game tomorrow and put out the best bbq we know how.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Steve and the Gang!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck guys, have fun and do it to it.