Saturday, September 15, 2007


Well I've been taking a bunch of pictures but I forgot to bring the cable for the camera with me so I can't download them until I get home. Yesterday it was hot and humid here and today is cool and breezy. There are over 100 teams and many of the 'big names' in bbq are close by. The contest site is in this beutiful park next to a lake. The teams next to the lake may be getting a little more breeze then they bargained for but I'm sure it will warm up soon enough.

My butts were done a little earlier than I'd like but I'm sure they'll be fine in the Cambro. The briskets are looking good and the ribs are on the cooker. Well my bloody mary is getting warm so I gotta go. I'll check in after awards.

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Anonymous said...

Come on Buddy, where are your priorities? You should make certain that you have everything you need to keep all of us back here at home informed!!!

Just kidding, thanks for the updates.