Saturday, September 15, 2007

Post Turn in Head Scratch

Anyobody that's ever cooked in a barbecue competition knows about the time between the last turn in and when the awards are announced. It's a time where you talk about what you thought was good and what you thought could have been better and your always cautious about saying something was great because that will just be the curse that makes it your worse category. Every team does it. I'm at a point where I just don't know if my stuff was good or not. It's as good as it's been when I've placed really well and as bad as it's been when I've done really crappy.

Here's how I'll break down our entry's. The chicken was ok the skin wasn't quite where I wanted it but the flavor was pretty good. The ribs were dark and not the prettiest ribs we've ever produced but again I thought they tasted pretty good and the texture was decent. Pork is something we do really well in and the category I'm never satisfied with. I just don't know what good pork is...or do I ? Anyway the pork is what it is I won't make any judgements on it. The brisket was tender and moist but didn't have the best smoke ring. I know that they say the smokering doesn't count but I don't buy that. I got the chance to taste a top competitors brisket and I thought his tenderness was dead on but it was salty. Maybe judges like that, we'll see.

I'll post our results when I know them, keep your fingers crossed for us we need gas money !!

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