Saturday, September 15, 2007

The agony of De Feet....

Yes de feet not defeat. We didn't win but we did respectable. 10th place out of 78 teams some of them the top teams in the country. But my feet are killing me. It was a long walk to the awards ceremony and it seemed like a longer walk back to the site.

We placed 39th in chicken...not good, 18th in ribs, 16th in away from getting a call and 19th in brisket. Like I said respectable. Would we do it again ? Ummm I don't know ask me next weekend and I'm sure the answer will be yes. We're leaving all our equipment in Kansas City and flying home and we'll be back for the Royal.

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Anonymous said...

10th out of that field, I think I'd have to call that VERY respectable. Great job.

glad the blog is back!