Thursday, October 05, 2006

Travel Notes

I have a short layover in Milwaukee and I wanted to stay on the plane and sleep. No such luck they made us get off because they are changing crews. They took my toothpaste this morning so now I have an extra stop to make when I get to KC. Oh well the best thing to do is go with the flow. It doesn't make any sense to get all worked up and get yourself in a bad mood. Don't worry be Happy !!


Rub said...

Good luck Steve! Still enjoying your blog.
You were painfully right the other day when you posted on the Forum about there being 2 kinds of barbecuers. You see where I'm sitting, so you know which kind I am. It's still my goal...

Anonymous said...

Boy, the Forum is very quiet with all of you guys out there partying...I mean competing. I hope the weather there is better than here in the mid east, rain all day. Hope all is well. Cant wait for some news.