Friday, October 06, 2006

Ok so I'm a horrible blogger

Sorry no posts but there is just too much to do, too many people to see. I did pretty good in the comp yet I'm bumming out. We got 12th Chicken, 13th Ribs, 14th Pork and no call in Brisket which we thought put us in the running for Reserve Grand or Second reserve but no such luck. Our Brisket ended up 73rd out of 83 entries. Man that hurts. I thought it was our best entry today, I really did. No way did I think it was 73rd place brisket. NO WAY !! Oh well I'll get over it.

Congrats to Mike and Debbie Davis for winning Grand and the Smokin Clones for their Reserve Grand. Both teams difinately earned it !! They're great cooks.

Allot of my friends also got calls today and I'm syched for them. Pellet Envy, Cancer Sucks, Dizzy Pigs, Philly Pigs, The Slabs, Carcass Cookers, Cool Smoke I'm sure I'm forgetting someone. Don't hold it against me the Agave has been flowing.

Time to put the meat on for tomorrows cook. Ther are thousands of people and whole bunch of parties going on. The music is cranking and the bodies are swaying and it's a damn good time.


Brett said...

Could be you trimmed that brisket a little too close? I say look on the bright side of life, dude, the showing in chicken, ribs, and pork is awesome! Also, I predict a major comeback in brisket during the open. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there!

Good luck in the open!


Rub said...

Shake it off and Party on Steve! Great results with the other 3. You'll get them in the Open.