Monday, October 23, 2006

Show #1

Well the first show of the Barbeque Championship Series aired on Versus last night. So what didn't you see ?

The Woodchicks were late getting a start on their Lobster because Lee Ann wanted to wait and time here Lobster perfectly. The only problem was she had to go up front for the Chicken Judging. Something she didn't plan for. It completely through her timing off and ultimately lost her the battle.

Darrell made the comment to Fast Eddy that he should smack the guy that gave him his stuffing recipe. What you didn't see was Eddy explaining to the judges beforehand that a local gentlaman that he did business with gave him this wonderful family recipe for the stuffing.

On the show the judges looked like it was all just fun and games but in reality they took the judging very seriously. They sampled each entry seperately and judged them for apperance taste and tenderness. It was a very long process, not something you could show on a one hour television program and keep the viewers attention.

The order that the shows are being aired is not the order that they were filmed in.

I've seen comments by some people on the net that they were dissapointed that more cooking was not shown. I'm afraid that some of that can be blamed on the cooks themselves. We were all told that if you are about to do something interesting grab a camera crew and we will film it. Maybe we didn't do enough of that or maybe what we thought was interesting didn't make it past the cutting room floor. This is all pretty new territory and both the cooks and the producers are learning as we go along.


Chuck said...

Hey Steve,

Really enjoying the blog. Pretty cool to get some of the behind the scenes from the show. See you in a couple of days.


Anonymous said...

I guess I had some of the same thoughts as some of those on the forum. I never stopped to think that its a TV show and has been cut down to size. After reading the others on the forum and your post here it makes much more sense now. I know they have to keep it interesting. I too, would have liked seeing more of the cooks, the prep and cooking and less of the judges. I still think it was very entertaining and am looking forward to next week. I was watching the crowd shots for your mug but couldn't pick it out. Maybe when its all over the production company will sell a BBQ Challenge "UNSENSORED" tape for those that would be interested! I know I would.