Thursday, October 05, 2006

I'm at the airport

It's 5:30 am Eastern time and I'm at the airport waiting for my flight. I keep wondering "what did we forget". I'm sure there's something but the beauty of this 'sport' is if you forget something people will take care of you. I've given people sauce, injection, rub, a fire extinguisher and even meat in the past. In fact last year at the Jack Daniels a team knocked their table over and lost all their sauce on the ground. They knew I used the same brand and asked if I had any extra. I was happy to take care of them. What other 'sport' can you say that about ? Notice I put sport in quotations ? I'm not sure what we do can be considered a sport but call it whatever you like. It's a competition.

I'll try to post when I land but we have a bunch of work to do when I get there and then I'm supposed to go to Arthur Bryants with some friends if I'm done setting up.


Anonymous said...

Good luck steve, thanks for keeping us 'posted'. I look forward to reading your insight to the action.

Ted Lorson said...

Steve...Good luck to you and the team in KC! Ted, Q Haven

yankeebbq said...

Thanks guys I hope we do New England proud. Time to reboard the plane catch ya later.