Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jack Daniels here we come

Charlie, Carlotta and Carmen hoppped on a jet today and are headed for Indiana to pick up their newly repaired truck and our trailer full of bbq equipment. From there they'll drive to Nashville and meet up with us tomorrow afternoon. Chris Hart and the iQue bbq team are bringing our meat and some other assorted stuff to Lynchburg. Thanks guys.

I just found a blog from another New England team that will be competing in the Jack. The name of the team is Qhaven and this is their rookie season. To earn a spot at the Jack in your rookie season is quite an accomplishement and one they should be very proud of. If you want to see the Jack through the eyes of a rookie check out Ted's blog.


Anonymous said...

Good luck!


Ted Lorson said...

Thanks for the kind words Steve, looking forward to seeing you in Lynchburg!

Safe travels the rest of the way.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Steve. I love your blog, and I enjoy reading of your travels. Also, I wish you great success at the Jack and on the BBQ Championship series, which I'm enjoying.

My one bit of feedback for you - though I really like the name of your blog, you're killing me. I can't spell odyssey to save my life, and every time I come here, I have to look it up. Couldn't you have chosen something simpler for those of us who are spelling impaired???

Good luck at the Jack, and have some shots on my behalf!