Sunday, March 29, 2009

Yes I'm really cooking

Barbecue is a long slow process (at least the way I cook it is). The weather started out Warm and sunny yesterday when I was running around purchasing meat, then it turned cold and foggy as I was preparing to put the meat on the cooker. Now it's cold and rainy and the meat is chugging along.

I put the ribs on at 7:15 and wrapped the Butts and Briskets around 9:00 am. I'm working on a new brisket marinade loosely based on Rick's Sinful marinade that I put in the foil when the briskets are wrapped.

More Later...


Backyard Chef said...

What pit are you cooking on, Steve? What type of wood do you like?

YankeeBBQ said...

I'm cooking on the FE using cherry pellets