Sunday, March 22, 2009

Snowshoe Results

We got one call at the Snowshoe for 2nd place fatty and ended up coming in 3rd overall losing by 3.5 point or so. There was only a .5 point spread separating the first and second place teams ! It was a little cold and windy all day but the sun made up for it. I forgot to bring my camera so I thought I would post some pictures from an old Snowshoe that was held at the Concord Junction Brewing company, the original site of the contest. It was fun to see that several of the teams that competed this year were also there back in the day. I hope you enjoy them.

2009 Snowshoe Results

Grand Champion
Wildwood BBQ-NYC

Reserve Grand Champion

3 - I Smell Smoke!!!
4 - Transformer BBQ
5 - Porkaholics


1 - QHaven
2 - Uncle Jed
3 - Wildwood BBQ-NYC
4 - Insane Swine BBQ
5 - Shoe City Smokers

Pork Tenderloin

1 - Transformer BBQ
2 - IQue
3 - Wildwood BBQ-NYC
4 - Dr. Frankenswine
5 - Lakeside Smokers


1 - Smokey O's
2 - I Smell Smoke!!!
3 - IQue
4 - Transformer BBQ
5 - Insane Swine BBQ


1 - Porkaholics
2 - Wildwood BBQ-NYC
3 - Garden State Porkway
4 - Boneyard Smokers
5 - Transformer BBQ

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