Thursday, August 13, 2009

Maine and stuff

We competed in Maine and placed 2nd in Chicken, 1st in Ribs and 1st in Brisket. I bet reading that you think we took Grand Champ. Well your wrong we ended up Reserve Champs by .6 points because the judges just did not like our pork entry this time around. The situation was the opposite of Lake Placid for us where everyone thought Mr Bobo's would be Grand but they called our name. I was in shock then when we won and I admit I was in shock this time when we lost. Those are the breaks though. I thought our pork was as good as it's been all year long but the judges clearly did not agree. Congrats to iQue on the win and we will see you at 'The Jack'.

Have you looked at the KCBS team of the year rankings ? No ? Well damn take a look would you ! I Smell Smoke is ranked 9th in the country ! We are proud to be on that list with many great teams. This weekend we will compete in the Hudson Valley ribfest which will be our 10th KCBS contest of the year. That will increase our points and hopefully move us up the ladder for team of the year. Wish us luck !