Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The agony of De Feet....

Yes de feet not defeat. We didn't win but we did respectable. 10th place out of 78 teams some of them the top teams in the country. But my feet are killing me. It was a long walk to the awards ceremony and it seemed like a longer walk back to the site.

We placed 39th in chicken...not good, 18th in ribs, 16th in pork..one away from getting a call and 19th in brisket. Like I said respectable. Would we do it again ? Ummm I don't know ask me next weekend and I'm sure the answer will be yes. We're leaving all our equipment in Kansas City and flying home and we'll be back for the Royal.

Post Turn in Head Scratch

Anyobody that's ever cooked in a barbecue competition knows about the time between the last turn in and when the awards are announced. It's a time where you talk about what you thought was good and what you thought could have been better and your always cautious about saying something was great because that will just be the curse that makes it your worse category. Every team does it. I'm at a point where I just don't know if my stuff was good or not. It's as good as it's been when I've placed really well and as bad as it's been when I've done really crappy.

Here's how I'll break down our entry's. The chicken was ok the skin wasn't quite where I wanted it but the flavor was pretty good. The ribs were dark and not the prettiest ribs we've ever produced but again I thought they tasted pretty good and the texture was decent. Pork is something we do really well in and the category I'm never satisfied with. I just don't know what good pork is...or do I ? Anyway the pork is what it is I won't make any judgements on it. The brisket was tender and moist but didn't have the best smoke ring. I know that they say the smokering doesn't count but I don't buy that. I got the chance to taste a top competitors brisket and I thought his tenderness was dead on but it was salty. Maybe judges like that, we'll see.

I'll post our results when I know them, keep your fingers crossed for us we need gas money !!


Well I've been taking a bunch of pictures but I forgot to bring the cable for the camera with me so I can't download them until I get home. Yesterday it was hot and humid here and today is cool and breezy. There are over 100 teams and many of the 'big names' in bbq are close by. The contest site is in this beutiful park next to a lake. The teams next to the lake may be getting a little more breeze then they bargained for but I'm sure it will warm up soon enough.

My butts were done a little earlier than I'd like but I'm sure they'll be fine in the Cambro. The briskets are looking good and the ribs are on the cooker. Well my bloody mary is getting warm so I gotta go. I'll check in after awards.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Uneventful flight

Other than a crying kid the trip was uneventful. No delays and no turbulance. I actually landed 5 minutes early and when I got down to the baggage claim area my bag was there waiting for me. I walked outside, gave Charlie a ring on the cellphone and heard a horn and saw flashing lights. Jumped in the truck and 14 minutes later we pulled into the Marriot parking lot with the help of our trusty Garmin GPS. I don't know how we ever got around without the GPS it just makes things so easy and enjoyable.

I'm gonna hit the sack and get a good nights sleep so we can be on top of our game tomorrow and put out the best bbq we know how.

On my way to Pine Bluff Arkansas

Yeah I know it's been awhile... But hey you know sometimes life gets in the way(that and laziness). I'm headed to Pine Bluff Arkansas to cook in the Smoke On the Water BBQ Championship. There is $50,000 in prize money and over 100 teams competing. Most if not all of the top teams in the country will be there. I'm looking forward to see how my food stacks up against theirs.

Charlie, Carlotta and Carmen left on Monday afternoon to drive the gear down and the last I heard from them they were at BB Kings in Memphis Tennessee having a grand ole time. That's less than 200 miles from the contest site so things are looking good. I have a 4:00pm flight and if the weather doesn't get in the way I will land in Little Rock around 10:00pm. We'll all get a restful nights sleep at the Marriott and head to Pine Bluff in the morning.

I have my camera and batteries and laptop and I'll do my best to keep you posted on what's going on. Wish us luck.

I Smell Smoke !!!