Saturday, May 30, 2009


Our results in Danville were not all we hoped they would be. We ended up 15th overall and only got one call for 4th place pork. I would like to thank Bill McMann the contest organizer for making it possible for us to compete. We used Bills personal FEC100 and he arranged to get us the rest of the equimpment we needed. It rained, it was muddy and our site was far away from the teams we normally socialize with. We still had a good time and I'm sure someday we will do it again. Congrats to my good friend Tuffy Stone on his Grand Championship and the Dizzy Pig Team on their RGC.

The week following Danville I competed in the Great American Barbecue contest in Bonner Springs Kansas. I cooked on borrowed equipment and relied on my friends from The Slabs to help me through the weekend. Thank you Steph, Kyle, Val, Brent, Jerry and Pam for all the help. I could not have done it without you. Thank you Rod Gray and Todd Johns for lending me the bbq pits to cook on. Thank you Andy for getting the Pit to me. The judges at the GAB hated all my food with one exception, Pork which took 1st place.

The next contest I'm doing I'll be competing with some of the young talent in the New England area. I'm really looking forward to cooking with these guys and trading stories (and stealing secrets...shhhhh) it should be fun.

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pigtrip said...

Steve, looking pretty slim these days! What's your secret?