Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Travel to the Royal

The trip to the Royal was fairly uneventful. Charlie and Carlotta's ride to the airport never showed up so they had to drive themselves and put their jeep in the airport parking garage. They had Pat pick it up so they didn't have to pay the $48 dollars a day. At the curbside check in I dropped one of the coolers, knocked my ice coffee on my shoe and spilled 3 briskets out into the street. The Briskets were in cryovac and I had a change of socks so it wasn't really a big deal. We checked in the coolers with no problem and 5 hours later we arrived in Kansas City where our ride was waiting for is.

Steph from The Slabs took us to dinner at Los Corrals. This place has great Margaritas and Mexican food. I had the carne asada and it was excellent. It seems every time I'm around the Slabs I'm eating or cooking some kind of steak so Kyle has nicknamed me Steve Steaks. From there we went to Sams Club to buy our ribs, chicken, Jack and Tequila then picked up our trailer and dropped it off at the contest site. There were a lot of teams already set up by the time we got there but our space was a pull through so it was easy to get in. We did some visiting and I ended up drinking a little more than I planned. Man was I feeling it. We didn't get to the hotel until after 11:00 and I was wiped out.


Anonymous said...

They sell Jack and tequilla at Sams club? Wow..what will they think of next.

sullicom said...

Do you use the Jack and tequilla for a sauce or to get sauced? And if you buy it at Sam's, do you have to buy a gross at a time?

yankeebbq said...

Yes Virginia they do sell booze at Sams Club in Missouri. The Jack and Tequila were for the cooks and our guests. We also had a couple of cases of Boulevard Wheat Beer a local Kansas City Brew. Not bad at all.